Facial Oils

Calendula and Chamomile in jojoba oil bottle.jpg

Calendula & 
Chamomile in Jojoba Oil

Moisturize & Soothe

with Flora's double-infused plant oil which provides beneficial resins, antioxidants, and waxes that improve skin elasticity, seal in skin moisture, and provide a protective barrier.

Rose in jojoba oil bottle.jpg

Wild Rose Petals in Jojoba Oil


Rejuvenate & Replenish


Achieve a fresh and youthful glow with this rejuvenating oil rich in vitamins A & C and other potent antioxidants. It boosts radiance, improves fine lines, skin texture, and tone. 

$ 19.99
Lavender in jojoba oil bottle 1.jpg

Lavender in Jojoba Oil


Rejuvenate & Replenish


This restorative oil is ideal for dry, mature skin. It stimulates skin cell regeneration while calming irritated areas. It can penetrate deep into your skin without leaving a greasy film.

Calendula and Chamomile in almond oil bottle.jpg

Calendula & 
Chamomile in Almond Oil

Revitalize & Protect


This nutritious oil revitalizes, strengthens, and evens out skin texture.

Body Oils

Calendula oil bottle.jpg

in Olive Oil

Restore & Heal 


This multipurpose oil
promotes fast healing of dry & damaged skin and restores skin hydration and strength. Olive oil is abundant in phenols & squalene that hydrate and maintain the skin barrier.

Calendula in almond oil bottle.jpg

in Amond Oil

Nourish & Strengthen 


This natural emollient oil makes the skin supple and hold moisture. Sweet almond oil is abundant in omega-6 and -9

fatty acids, and vitamin E.